Agile Training

Itero Group Scrum & Agile trainers are certified. Your instructors are the same leaders our clients trust to spear-head their Agile transformation.

Public Scrum Courses

New to Scrum? Need a refresher? There is high demand for expert talent to manage and execute Agile projects successfully. Take a public course and achieve certification to display your breadth of Agile knowledge to employers. All course offerings include an attempt at the professional certification exam.

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Private Scrum Training

Struggling to adopt Agile? We work with organizations to provide private Scrum training, crafted and catered to the organization and personal team goals. Contact us and training staff will come to you with a vigorous, practical program that will hone your teams’ skills and understanding of Agile to make it work for you.

Contact us to set up private training for your team.

Training We Provide

Itero Group is a proud member of’s Professional Training Network (PTN).

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