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Simplifying Scrum

  This is one of my favorite quotes of all time. Throughout life, I am constantly learning through trial and error. And I have found that the simple process often leads to the better product.  For Instance, my barbecue chicken recipe.  I love Summer and enjoy spending time with friends and family barbecuing.  I have […]

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Conquer These Cultural Barriers to Agile Transformation

When implementing a new framework, there are two factors an organization needs to make it successful: proper “know-how,” and openness to change. Without both companies will fail before they get off the ground. Gaining the “know-how” is fairly straight-forward. An organization brings in Agile experts to build internal competency from the executive level through to the […]

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Common Sense: The Informal Scrum Value

When coaching for organizations, I am often met at the doors of the cathedral by exasperated management.  Frustrated for how Scrum is transformed to meet personal agendas and bias.  They have important questions such as, can management communicate release dates to the development team? The development team has instructed management that release dates are estimates […]

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