Itero Group, LLC Opens Seats in Public Scrum Training to Veterans Seeking Career Advancement

(Harrisburg, PA) – Itero Group, LLC, a national trainer, and provider of Agile services, announced today they will begin to provide their Professional Scrum training complementary to qualifying Veterans in the technology field.

A recent study by ZipRecruiter and Call of Duty Endowment found that nearly a third of Veterans are experiencing underemployment.  Meaning they are employed below their objective skill level. From the article summarizing their findings, Call of Duty Endowment advisor, Philip Carter states, “Underemployment appears to disproportionately affect veterans, impeding their economic success after military service.” Continuing, “However, current government statistics barely notice the underemployment phenomenon, and do not begin to constructively address it through improved training, job search, and network programs, among other approaches.”

“Itero Group has tremendous respect for the men and women who have served in our military.  Many of us have the fortune of working with Veterans throughout our professional careers,” said Itero Group CEO, Erin McKenzie Brahms. “It is important for us to do what we can to support and advance United States Veterans through training.”

Currently, Itero Group’s Scrum Training for Veterans Program is open to those who have been honorably discharged and are working in the Technology field. As a member of’s Professional Training Network, Itero Group provides Scrum and Agile Training and will open seats in their public courses to Veterans through the program. Veterans can reach out for more information at 

About Itero Group:

Itero Group, LLC is led by Entrepreneurs who believe in the meaning of the word. To revise, renew, iterate. Itero Group specializes in Agile Innovation, Cyber Security, Data Analytics, and Customer Experience. Itero Group, LLC is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise and is a member of the Partner Training Network with