As we have heard many times over, managers only take 6 seconds to review a resume before deciding if it hits the circular file. Now there are conflicting reports, some say 6 seconds and I have seen other studies that say up to 10 seconds. The point being with either, you don’t have much time to make a strong first impression. I know from personal experience with over 20 years in recruiting and in my own job searches previously, it’s vital that your resume stands out. When it stands out, you get an interview!

The real question is how do I stand out? How am I able to quickly display my accomplishments in a clear concise manner? How do I set myself apart from the competition?

A sure way to guarantee your resume heads to the top of the pile is with quantitative data.

In plain speak – what does that mean?! What that means is using numbers, statistics if you will, on your resume. Using these metrics will draw the reviewers’ eyes quickly to the key points on your resume. This data can be expressed in numbers, dollars, percentages or hours.

The first step in using this method of quantitative data on your resume is to think about your positions. Not just your basic job description, but what your accomplishments have been. Think about what you have achieved that puts you above and beyond your co-worker’s performance.

Some questions to get you started:

  • Where have you saved the company money? (always a BIG DRAW!)
  • Did you receive a companywide award? Or were you nationally recognized?
  • Did you have an idea that improved the companies brand/culture?
  • Were you promoted quicker than industry standard?
  • Were you able to increase the company’s sales?

And then translate those successes:

  • Restructured claims approval process, which decreased processing time by 25%.
  • Increased Instagram followers by 33%
  • Managed multi-site global team and successfully delivered a 10-million-dollar software development project one month ahead of schedule
  • Solely responsible for 22 hires in my first month of employment
  • Qualified for a Presidents Club Award 16 times; every quarter of eligibility
  • Reduced Workers’ Compensation costs 30% ($600,000 annually) by improving safety plans and implementing employee training, management accountability and equipment security.

Be clear, concise and honest.

As you can see, using metrics in a resume will make a huge impact, creating a clearer, concise message. One area of caution would be to make sure the data that you use is relevant and secondly truthful. The purpose is to land an interview in which you have interest and the skills needed to do a stellar job!


As Vice President of Talent Acquisition at Itero Group, Heather Moffitt leads our team in engaging diverse teams of top talent that help our clients conquer the most challenging problems facing businesses and government organizations.

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