Itero Group, LLC Enlists Jill Lawson as Vice President of Solutions Delivery

WASHINGTON DC – Itero Group, LLC, a national provider of Agile, Cyber Security, Data Analytics and Customer Experience services, has announced today that Jill Lawson will join the organization as a Partner. Lawson comes to Itero Group, LLC as an experienced digital transformation leader who spent her 20-year career delivering quality solutions to Fortune 2000 companies. Throughout, Lawson has remained at the forefront of leveraging emerging business tools and technologies to solve complex business issues.

As Vice President of Solutions Delivery, Jill will collaborate with practice leaders to shape Itero Group’s innovative service offerings, enhance end-to-end delivery and craft new professional capabilities. Previously, Jill served as a Senior Executive of Media and Emerging markets establishing best practices for a growing Digital Delivery organization.

Vice President of Agile Innovation, Todd Miller, comments, “At Itero Group, we recognize that existing tools, frameworks, and methodologies are there because they work and we agree. But we would be remiss if we settled for what everybody else is doing. We are constantly staying ahead of what is next in the best interest of our employees and customers. That’s why I’m excited to have Jill onboard. Her experience, vision, and relentless attitude to create transparency for the good of everybody involved are contagious.”

Jill Lawson states, “I am thrilled to work alongside a team of proven entrepreneurs with a track record for placing their clients’ growth and success at the heart of their strategy. This is an exciting time to drive dialogue around how to be more efficient, engaged with customers, and faster to market. I look forward to introducing products and processes that enable businesses and government organizations to reach their best and create opportunities for employees to prepare for what comes next. Itero is a partner that will shape the future, hand-in-hand with our employees and clients.”

About Itero Group:
Itero Group, LLC is led by Entrepreneurs who believe in the meaning of the word. To revise, renew, iterate. Itero Group specializes in Agile Innovation, Cyber Security, Data Analytics, and Customer Experience. Itero Group, LLC is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise and is a member of the Partner Training Network with