WASHINGTON D.C. – Itero Group, LLC, a national provider of Agile, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, and Customer Experience services,  partners with Gradifi to help employees get out of student debt faster.  The Student Loan Paydown (SLP) Plan benefit gives businesses the opportunity to pay down employee student loan debt, helping them and their families move toward a more financially secure future.

Itero Group joins a growing list of companies including; Peloton and PricewaterhouseCoopers, leading by taking action on the issue of student loan debt. Itero Group will contribute $1,000 a year directly – through structured and secured channels – toward eligible employee’s student loan principal for those that have graduated since 2008. These contributions can take years off student loan balance – potentially shaving three or more years off of a ten-year loan.

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) reported that less than 5% of their members’ organizations offer the student loan repayment benefit,  they also reported that the SLP program is said to boost morale, productivity and bolster company growth.

“Student loan debt is a financial challenge for many individuals,” said Itero Group Chief Human Resources Officer, Tom Collingsworth.  Adding, “At Itero Group, we feel offering an innovative solution to help ease this financial burden will help retain and attract highly motivated and skilled professionals.  We are extremely proud to include the Student Loan Repayment Plan in our benefits package and take the lead in supporting the personal and financial growth of our team.  We are confident that adding this to our already robust benefits package will be a key differentiator for Itero Group when acquiring top talent for our clients.”


About Itero Group:

Itero Group, LLC is led by Entrepreneurs who believe in the meaning of the word. To revise, renew, iterate. Itero Group specializes in Agile Innovation, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, and Customer Experience. Itero Group, LLC is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise and is a member of the Partner Training Network with Scrum.org.