With the many changes society has experienced in the past year, a lot of us are now working from home.  At first glance, it appears to be great: no more rush hour traffic, being able to wake up whenever you want, no need to put on dress clothes or makeup… what could be better?

Working from home is not always peaches and cream however.  Below are some of the tips I’ve found from years of working from home that can increase your productivity and enjoyment.


  1. Good Technology

A fast internet connection is vital when you’re working from home.  Whether it’s transferring large files, accessing work-based applications, or attending a video meeting, a slow connection can ruin your productivity.  If you’re consistently experiencing slow downloads or poor quality videoconferencing, consider upgrading your internet connection or router.


A good noise-canceling headphone can be found on Amazon or Best Buy for less than $100 and can make it much easier to hear others on noisy meetings.  If your system supports it, a 2nd (or 3rd) monitor can really boost your output.  Once you’re able to write your report on one screen while pulling the information from a spreadsheet on another, you’ll wonder how you ever worked with just one screen.








  1. Create your Ideal Work Environment

Curled up on the couch or laying across your bed may be comfortable while browsing social media, but a good home work environment should include ample work surface, a comfortable chair, and put you in a peaceful and workable mindset.


It’s also important that you set the proper boundaries and expectations with others in your household.  If you’re able, set aside a specific room (or even corner of a room) to work everyday.  You can stick a sign on the door to let other household members know you’re busy and staying focused.  In essence, they should consider you as being ‘at the office’, even when you’re sitting in a corner of your spare bedroom.  If possible, you can repaint your room to a more pleasing tone.


  1. Plan your Day

Plan your work and work your pl