One topic that I always stress to new project managers is to always continue to learn new processes and never fall behind in your professional field. New ideas are constantly being formulated and accepted by professionals on how to better lead/manage projects. Efficiency is a key factor that a project manager must strive toward when leading projects. So, having more tools in your toolbelt is only a benefit.

Early on in my career I accepted the farse that simply gaining experience in the workplace was sufficient enough to climb the corporate ladder. It was not until I was able to meet with other more experienced and successful colleagues that I was made aware that professional certifications are necessary and could have many positive impacts on your career. First off, it allows others to know that you are up to speed with current and new processes. You will also come across to be well rounded and capable to work in many different areas of project management. Never pigeonhole yourself to one area within your professional field. Always stay curious!

I will never regret expanding my knowledge of both Agile and Kanban to further understand how most of Project Management is shifting from a Waterfall approach to a more Agile framework. The times are changing, and you must adapt… and adapt quickly! Having a solid understanding of how different projects are led is such a benefit to your career. Being able to step into a new project and having to take less lead time to get up to speed is a great benefit to your own status as a Project Manager and also gives you instant credibility to the teams you are responsible for leading.

Take the initiative and never stop learning… you won’t regret it.