Authored by Luke Parker, Senior Consultant

Conceptually speaking, most people have a favorable view of the term, innovation. It seems to innately promise good things like progress, efficiency, or new capabilities. Now pair innovation with the term, Federal Government. How would you describe the relationship between these two entities? Slow, difficult, or complicated, at best? Non-existent, unlikely, or incompatible at worst?

Innovation and Federal Government may not naturally go hand-in-hand, but they need not be mutually exclusive, either. Risk-averse clients who may be skeptical about innovation need a trusted partner to responsibly demonstrate how innovation solutions can be right-sized to fit their needs.

At Itero, we believe that listening carefully to our Government clients and offering smaller scale or more modular solutions puts us on a shared path to success with our clients as we build toward common goals together, one step at a time. Implementing these smaller solutions does not negate the need for big, impactful solutions to the Government’s large-scale challenges. Not at all! Rather, it means that innovation solutions can and should be introduced thoughtfully and holistically, and should be tailored for each client’s unique circumstances. Both small and large solutions are oftentimes needed.

Itero’s Innovation Teams implement a dual-track innovation approach. We seek to build early successes with our clients by introducing smaller, more tactical innovation solutions while simultaneously developing larger, more strategic innovations. Smaller wins help address the clients’ ever-urgent concern for demonstrated progress, and they help build up the foundation of Government-consultancy trust. At the same time, larger innovations can also be thoughtfully crafted and shared with the clients. This proven method will continue to allow us to build momentum with our clients and naturally lead to more engaging and open conversations about the future.

You may have heard the wise saying, “If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones.” Government clients can have this mindset when evaluating consulting firms and their innovation proposals. Following Itero’s dual-track innovation approach addresses the little and large innovation needs of the Government. Paying attention to clients’ smaller needs can segue to larger and more frequent innovations with greater impact – those game-changing, high-visibility projects that we all love. Cultivating this mindset and approach allows us to drive toward the best of what true innovation has to offer – and in a structured and responsible way that genuinely keeps our clients’ needs at the forefront.