In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re spotlighting some of the women of this Women Owned Small Business, and sharing their fun facts, solid advice, and thoughts on ways companies can be more inclusive to women in the workplace.

Today we’re getting to know Heather Moffitt, Vice President of Talent Acquisition.

Q: What is your job title? How long have you worked for Itero Group? 

My title is Vice President – Talent Acquisition. I was Itero Group’s second employee, and I started with the company in November of 2017.

Q: What’s a fun fact or two about you?

A fun fact about me is that I was always in trouble in school for talking too much! Despite my best efforts to stay quiet, I couldn’t help myself. I was moved to the front of the room, to the back of the room, next to the teacher’s desk; nothing worked.  Every teacher conference and every report card always said, “Heather’s a great student except she talks too much!”  And while it may have gotten me into trouble back then, I like to think that my love of communication and connecting with others is one of my strongest qualities today.

Q: What three words describe you?

Resilient. Funny. Even-handed

Q: Favorite quote or mantra?

Do it right the first time! To me this quote emphasizes the significance of ensuring that a task is done correctly on the first attempt. It highlights the importance of dedicating effort in the beginning, instead of taking shortcuts, rushing through it, or avoiding it altogether. Investing time and effort in the beginning will lead to better results in the future, and honestly save time in the long run.

Q: Why did you want to work for Itero Group? 

For me it was the personal connections that influenced my job choice. I had worked previously with some of the Itero Group team more than 25 years ago, which is hard to even believe! My connections with the team run deep. It makes for an easy decision when you know how passionate and motivated your team is from the start!

Q: What woman has most influenced you in your life and/or career? 

After graduating college, I received a job offer and moved to the DC area from Pittsburgh, PA.  It seems surreal to me now, that I packed up my Dodge Shadow and drove to DC to corporate housing on Penn Avenue.  But when I look back on my career and the positions I have held, I go back to my first two jobs.  At both companies, I worked directly for two amazing women. They were leaders in the industry, they held a strong dedication to their families, and were amazing mentors.  They created a positive and supportive work environment where I felt valued, respected, and empowered to do my best work.  They were able to guide, support, and mentor me in roles and allow me to develop the skills and knowledge I nee