Transformation is our new normal. By embracing organizational agility, clients are better prepared to deliver more value at increased speeds with greater transparency. Agile is a framework for how work gets done throughout the organization – not just among software development teams – but across any client centric business.

Agile promises rapidly evolving technology delivery and substantial business benefits, but it requires new habits and an agility mindset. Transformation requires new, updated processes in order to maximize the benefits of digital tools and technologies.

Our solutions enable your organization to embrace change, scale with agile, optimize delivery, and gain that competitive advantage. Our solutions encompass:

When implemented correctly, agile teams result in higher team productivity and morale, faster time to market, better quality, and lower risk than traditional approaches can achieve.

Our transformative delivery experts will help you maximize business results by working within a framework that best suits the problem and organizational. We are trained to guide technology modernization investments, data-based decision making, speed-to-market objectives, value metrics and KPI performance. Our Project and Product Delivery offerings are:

  • Consistent Delivery Framework Design
  • Change Management
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Scrum Master as a Service
  • Coaching as a Service
  • Product Development Services

Agile frameworks are considered industry best practices, and Itero Group promotes the benefits of an Agile culture. Our ability to think big, start small and move fast translates to navigating complex situations with complete transparency and delivering shared success to employees, clients, stakeholders and shareholders.

  • Cultural Readiness
  • Agility + Impact Assessments
  • Consulting, Coaching + Training
  • Agile at Scale

When implemented correctly, agile teams deliver value quickly. Yet, turning agile into a reality at the enterprise level, scaling it and determining which framework is best to solve the problem is challenging at best. Our knowledge accelerates the success of agility programs.

Our deep knowledge of agile and how to best leverage different frameworks to address problems will be a critical advantage for many clients and competitive situations.  We have experience in:

  • Scaled Agile Frameworks
  • Scrum.org
  • Kanban
  • Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery Processes
  • Scrum.org Training and Certification Programs



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