Align. Solve. Iterate. Measure.

It’s easy to make something simple – complex. It’s difficult to make something complex – simple.

Itero Group operates at the intersection of simple and complex, using our PIVOT framework to simplify what we can, and empower organizations with information to PIVOT when the organization’s vision isn’t moving forward.

Itero Group’s PIVOT framework simplifies the way work is defined, done, delivered and measured, and it’s how we accelerate our commercial and federal clients toward becoming more optimized, digitally enabled and data-driven. It provides our clients with a proven method to accelerate change and PIVOT, when necessary, to allow transformation to proceed and innovation to blossom.

The PIVOT framework is organized around four key phases: Align, Solve, Iterate, Measure. Providing an organization with the ability to execute their next move is at the heart of the PIVOT approach and increases the organization’s opportunity for success.

Our unique approach begins by meeting clients where they’re at in their transformation process and adapting our framework to any challenge, obstacle, or circumstance they face. The outcome is an innovative solution that is feasible, desirable and viable for the organization.

Alignment, focus and meaningful metrics make the decision to pursue or PIVOT – simple.


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