Industry: Healthcare

Client: Not for Profit Foundation

Itero Group is working with researchers at a non-profit organization dedicated to the treatment and research of a genetic disease. Our teams are creating custom solutions for the processing, analysis, and storage of data collected during research toward treatments. Currently this vital data is processed manually using excel sheets and formulas, which is time consuming and traps the data inside excel sheets, making it difficult to access for future use. Our team is working on designing a custom application that provides a user friendly front-end for researchers to upload their raw data, which is quicker and formats the data for easy storage in a future database. In addition to the raw data, the researchers’ analysis requires important meta information about the experiment. Our application provides a custom UI designed specifically for this process and allows for streamlining the data entry. Our custom application facilitates a faster, easier, and more accurate data pipeline for researchers at this important non-profit organization.