We live in a world that is drowning in data. Getting to the data and translating how to use that data to enable decision-making can have a profound impact. Many companies consider data to be an asset, but most are still using guesswork to make decisions. With decades of experience in technology and business consulting, Itero Group helps eliminate guesswork and turns data into an enabler to identify challenges or opportunities within your business.

Itero Group helps companies break down data silos and sort through vast amounts of structured and unstructured data to identify untapped opportunities and expose hidden risks. The end result — enabling clients to make intelligent business decisions that drive performance and growth while managing risks. Our solutions range from data strategy and governance through the development, design and implementation of analytics and meaningful metrics.

Transform your data into visualized, actionable insights by bringing data together in the correct data environment. We can help with your data governance, data integration, data platforms, and data visualization challenges.

  • Business Intelligence + Analytics: Our experts share techniques and tools for the transformation of raw data (past and present) into meaningful and useful information for Business Analysis. With our expertise in data mining, reporting, and analytical processing we will comb through the large amounts of data you already collect and help you identify effective business strategies to increase your organization’s efficiency and maximize your profits.
  • Dashboards + Visualization: We help with representation of information and data in a graphical format – such as charts, graphs, and maps – to provide an accessible way to see and understand trends, outliers, and patterns in data. Our user experience experts offer strategies to improve usability by making dashboards and visualization details more flexible and customizable for users.

Organizations store data in many forms. Without data integration, there is no way of accessing the data gathered in one system into another.

Itero Group will work with your team to develop and implement a data integration plan that through technical and business processes will combine data from different sources into a single, unified view, ultimately helping your business succeed.

Data-driven insights can drive revenue growth and decreased costs in real dollars. Understanding and defining the value of these insights will propel other changes in the business. Often, the main obstacle is that companies are starting from the data – they build data lakes for example and then look for insights – instead of starting from a business problem and then assembling the data needed to answer it.

Itero Group will simplify the information flow, so that delivery experts can serve the business with speed, agility and scale. Our PIVOT approach and delivery experts will help you leverage data insights to maintain focus on highest impact work and pivot when desired outcomes are not being met.

Given the scale and complexity of transformation and enterprise level investments, measurement is critical to ensure that all the expense and effort pays off. Metrics can help evaluate if the right work is getting done. There are hundreds of metrics and KPIs to report on the dashboards, but tracking irrelevant metrics distracts organizations from what truly matters.

Itero Group’s transformative delivery experts create, monitor and assess metrics tailored to your business and the high impact work on your roadmap. Some top metrics evaluate:

  • ROI
  • % of Leaders’ Incentive Linked to Digital Transformation
  • % of Tech Budget Spent on Bold Innovation
  • Talent Management Goals
  • Time to Market
  • Current Value
  • User Satisfaction
  • Feature Usage
  • Ability to Innovation
  • Tech Debt
  • Unrealized Value
  • Customer Adoption

Once our team gains the necessary alignment by leveraging our PIVOT approach, we work with leadership to prepare a clear roadmap of priorities, rather than a basket of projects.

Our transformative delivery experts challenge clients to prioritize initiatives that possess the potential to make a material difference in the organization’s overall performance and then we focus the resources accordingly in order to delivery.  Delivery management skills are critical to accelerate innovation while moving to a data driven, digitally enabled organization. Some of the key delivery management roles include:

  • Product Managers and Owners
  • Project Management
  • Agile Leadership
  • Change Management
  • Business and Data Analysts



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