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Itero Group, LLC Secures Five Thousand Square Feet for Company Expansion

Itero Group, LLC to Hire 20+ Technology Professionals to Support Both National and Local Engagements in the New Cumberland Space   Harrisburg, PA – Itero Group, LLC, a national provider

Itero Group, LLC Successfully Registers Company Trademark

Washington, D.C., Harrisburg, PA – Itero Group, LLC, a national provider of Agile, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, and Customer Experience services announced that they have successfully registered their logo as a trademark of the company with the United States

Itero Group, LLC To Offer Student Loan Repayment Assistance For Employees

WASHINGTON D.C. – Itero Group, LLC, a national provider of Agile, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, and Customer Experience services,  partners with Gradifi to help employees get out of student debt faster. 

New Partner at Itero Group Signals Continued Growth

Itero Group, LLC Enlists Jill Lawson as Vice President of Solutions Delivery WASHINGTON DC – Itero Group, LLC, a national provider of Agile, Cyber Security, Data Analytics and Customer Experience

Todd Miller and Ryan Ripley to Teach New Professional Scrum Master II Course

WASHINGTON D.C. –, the leading provider of comprehensive training, assessments, and certifications to improve the profession of software delivery, announced today that they are offering a new, advanced Professional

Itero Group, LLC Awarded GSA IT Schedule 70 Contract

WASHINGTON DC – Itero Group, LLC, a national provider of Agile, Cyber Security, Data Analytics and Customer Experience services, has been awarded a five-year U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) IT

Tom Collingsworth Joins Itero Group, LLC As Chief Human Resources Officer

HARRISBURG, PA – Itero Group, LLC, a national provider of Agile, Cyber Security, Data Analytics and Customer Experience services, has announced today the appointment of Tom Collingsworth as Chief Human

Itero Group, LLC Announces Women-Owned Small Business Certification

(Harrisburg, PA) – Itero Group, LLC, a national provider of Agile, Cyber Security, Data Analytics and Customer Experience services has announced today that the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)

Itero Group, LLC Verified as Small Diverse Business in Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Department of General Services Bureau of Small Business Opportunities Has Verified Itero Group, LLC as a Small Diverse Business (SDB) in the State of Pennsylvania (Harrisburg, PA) –

Itero Group, LLC Certified As A Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE)

The Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) Has Certified Itero Group as a Women's Business Enterprise (Harrisburg, PA) – Itero Group, LLC, a national provider of Agile, Cyber Security, Data

Itero Group, LLC Offers Scrum Training to Veterans

Itero Group, LLC Opens Seats in Public Scrum Training to Veterans Seeking Career Advancement (Harrisburg, PA) – Itero Group, LLC, a national trainer, and provider of Agile services, announced today

Itero Group Joins Global Professional Training Network

Improving Consistency of Scrum Training, Itero Group Now Offers Premium Training from the Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) Community (Harrisburg, PA) – Itero Group, LLC today announced that it has

Itero Group, LLC Expands to West Coast with Silicon Valley Acquisition

Itero Group, LLC Welcomes Donis Marshall to Their Team of Agile Experts (San Francisco, CA) – Itero Group, LLC announced today that it has acquired Silicon Valley Consulting, a professional

Itero Group, LCC Names Melissa Watson as Marketing Director

(Harrisburg, PA) – Itero Group, LLC is pleased to announce that Melissa Watson will join the company as Marketing Director. In her role, Watson will be leading the company’s brand

Itero Group, LLC announces Miller as Vice President of Agile Innovation

Itero Group, LLC welcomes Todd Miller to Their Team of Software Experts (Harrisburg, PA) – Itero Group, LLC today announced that Todd Miller has been named Vice President of the Agile Innovation practice.


Taking a Holistic Approach to Scrum

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I work from home which comes with a lot of additional responsibilities when a child becomes sick or there is inclement weather. I, personally, feel productive during these days, but

Are Organizations Undermining the Scrum Master Role?

A place I previously worked thought they could fulfill the Scrum Master role by having Project Managers take on the responsibilities. Sound familiar? Though it isn’t specifically a bad thing,

Motivated Teams Do Better Work: Using the Self-Determination Theory to Make a Case for Embracing the Scrum Framework

Most software development methodologies focus entirely on the technical or procedural elements required to build quality software and ignore the human element. The scrum framework is different. By putting the

The Other Half of the Room

For many years, I sat quietly in meetings until I was forced to speak. I often feared that my ideas and opinions were irrelevant or not as good as what

How to Add Quantitative Data to Your Resume and Score the Interview

As we have heard many times over, managers only take 6 seconds to review a resume before deciding if it hits the circular file. Now there are conflicting reports, some

Video: How To Slay Technical Debt

In this video from the tapas series, Itero Group’s Todd Miller tells a story of how a former development team used visualization to bolster accountability and remove technical debt

Simplifying Scrum

To simplify yields a richer result. - Yvon Chouinard, Let My People Go Surfing. This is one of my favorite quotes of all time. Throughout life, I am constantly learning

Conquer These Cultural Barriers to Agile Transformation

When implementing a new framework, there are two factors an organization needs to make it successful: proper “know-how,” and openness to change. Without both companies will fail before they get

Calling All Industries: Your Process is Failing You

What the Software Industry Can Teach Everyone Else About Curbing Failure and Delivering Value  Not to be blunt, but this project you're working on, it is likely to fail. I'm

Future Expectations of Software Development

In 2004, I entered the profession of software development. Working in a small information technology department for a large company; half of my day was spent coding small applications to

Common Sense: The Informal Scrum Value

When coaching for organizations, I am often met at the doors of the cathedral by exasperated management.  Frustrated for how Scrum is transformed to meet personal agendas and bias.  They

4 Areas to Look When Agile Isn’t Working in Your Organization

You've implemented Agile into your organization and hired professionals with Agile experience on their résumé to back it up. Yet, something is still not right. The gains that Agile promised

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