We seek to simplify how work is defined, done, delivered and measured.

The pace of change that exists in today’s economy is unprecedented. Organizations are under continual pressures to evolve under ever changing conditions and uncertainty. As policies change, resources turn over, technology is enhanced, and services are added, existing processes become less viable over time.

Itero Group’s PIVOT Approach helps organizations gain necessary alignment, so that delivery teams are prepared to adopt change, modernize and capitalize on market opportunities. We will be by your side to “reimagine” a new way to work – taking advantage of intelligent technologies while helping their workforce adapt to new processes. Our solutions are designed to simplify, streamline and measure processes, so that our clients thrive in a changing environment.

Our business process design experience will prepare your organization for intelligent technology implementation, including Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Business Process Automation (BPA). Our human-centered approach helps us develop the right use cases, test pilot programs and implement solutions that leverage agile, design thinking and change management.  Itero Group can:

  • Conduct Business Process Modeling to understand your current state value streams and redesign processes to optimize your customer and employee experiences.
  • Design or re-engineer end-to-end processes to optimize business objectives and customer value.
  • Capture business, technical, and data requirements to prepare processes for automation and digital integration.
  • Automate repeatable processes and process components through RPA and implement workflow tools that improve productivity and quality while reducing costs.

Itero Group helps companies – of all industries – optimize resources and design risk management and compliance programs that are aligned, efficient and technology enabled; so risk is covered in all facets of operations. Our risk management and compliance consultants help organizations:

  • Align and integrate key risk and performance indicators to business objectives so that risk can be managed in an agile manner.
  • Design and implement enterprise data privacy programs, data protection standards (i.e., PCI DSS, HIPAA), records management security, and assist with Data Loss Prevention technology selection and adoption.
  • Develop IT risk management and governance programs, including policies and procedures, program charters, IT risk assessments, risk metrics and reporting, and IT risk awareness training.
  • Improve cross-functional audit and regulatory exam readiness through control frameworks and IT controls testing, IT compliance training, and awareness programs.

Every business has a unique culture and unique set of applications, systems, data formats, security frameworks and governance standards that connects their organization with its partners and customers.  Itero Group experts will enable the integration, automation and optimization of key business processes, so that information exchange is quick and efficient.  Itero Group is prepared to:

  • Perform rapid integration assessments that quickly identify the end goal and focus on high impact work.
  • Create a prioritized matrix of integrated solutions and systems to determine gaps that streamline and reduce costs.
  • Succeed with transitions or transformation through process optimization and change management.

Itero Group’s experts will help you maximize business value. We are trained to guide technology modernization investments, data-based decision making, speed-to-market objectives, value metrics and KPI performance. Itero Group is equipped to:

  • Prioritize work, mitigate risks, and guide project delivery on time and budget.
  • Better align investments with business priorities.
  • Drive consistency and repeatability across programs and projects.
  • Succeed with change management through consulting, coaching and training.



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