Technology must be properly aligned, connected, and managed to support business outcomes. Attaining a competitive edge requires mastery of emerging technologies, development, data, and testing.  We provide proven tools and mastery of ROI-maximizing Agile development methodologies to help deploy business-enabling technology capabilities quickly and efficiently.

New combinations of talent and technology are delivering a decisive advantage, Itero Group seeks to unite every part of the enterprise around a common purpose. Technology adoption sounds simple, but change is anything but simple. We will work to maximize the value of the investments by working across the value chain to:

  • Design Technology Adoption Process: Itero Group will support the organization through Selection, Implementation, Change Management, Training, Testing and Deployment and Metrics.
  • Delivery Management: Work closely with business and technical teams throughout the process to collect and report on meaningful metrics that track adoption rates, product usage, training costs and measure productivity, efficiency and ROI.

As organizations seek to productize data, expand the customer base, enhance relationships and grow revenue, they have begun the shift to a product mindset. Our solutions impact how organizations think and operate, as well as deliver the skillsets necessary to accelerate success in a “digital everywhere” economy.  Itero Group is prepared to help your organization adopt a product mindset by:

  • Creating a Digital Operating Structure: Itero Group will structure the teams to help ensure your organization divides roles and skills by the most effective means possible – taking into consideration the big picture, desired outcomes, culture, resources and roadmap.
  • Engaging Customers: To achieve your business objectives, our experts develop software products that boost customer acquisition, retention, and expansion. We validate customers’ current pain points and future needs through proven product strategy and management. We run customer-focused tests and deliver agile releases. Our goals are to increase user adoption and continual engagement.
  • Productize Data: Most businesses that collect big data do not know how to capitalize on it. Our team can simplify and automate data management. We build data into easy-to-use products that drive real revenue growth.

We advocate for the philosophy of Emergent Architecture, where you design and build only what is needed, when it is needed.  These leaner, more agile and innovative processes yield less risk, a higher level of transparency and improved response times.  Itero Group stands ready to support your technology modernization in any of the following areas:

  • Operational Alignment prepares technology organizations to adopt a mindset of continuous improvement to incrementally adjust how processes, people, and technology deliver on your strategic plan.
  • Emergent Technologies untangles complex, legacy systems with updated, flexible standards and investments are aligned to key business priorities.
  • Agile Development allows organizations to create and scale disciplined, empowered agile teams for quality technical and engineering development across a range of systems and technology stacks. 
  • Human-Centered Design puts people at the center of your enterprise by rethinking the experiences of your customer and your employees.
  • Enterprise Architecture to align your organization through IT and business process architectures that serve as the blueprint of company-wide change.
  • Cloud Enablement allows organizations to deploy cloud within your digital transformation journeys to meet business objectives and drive growth.
  • DevSecOps enables teams to dramatically reduce setup time and to continuously incorporate security into the software development process. It becomes the operational complement to Agile that blends development and operations to allows teams to focus on delivering value. Our team can guide you through the processes and cultural changes of implementing CI/CD, test automation, and containerization.

We consider development projects as a piece of your transformation journey and therefore not a one-time target, but a constant evolution. In today’s dynamic technology landscape, accelerating capabilities with continuous and rapid development is a necessity.

As enterprises simplify, modernize and secure their legacy environments for transformation and to support the digital economy, robust quality assurance (QA) is essential. Quality takes an end-to-end connotation and must straddle both legacy and digital systems. Our quality team will employ an end-to-end ecosystem approach with manual, intelligent and automated QA processes. Our goal is to provide both quality and speed to promote faster business and technology change, as well as a better customer experience.



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