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“Within a constantly evolving business climate, an organization’s ability to move quickly and effectively to anticipate and take advantage of change is crucial. In this environment, an agile business that can move strategically, operating with an embedded discipline of both cost and growth refinement, gains a “survivability edge” over its competitors.”

– Harvard Business Review


Itero Group Agile Innovation


  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Organizational Agility
  • Scaling Agile

> Modern Engineering Practices

  • Distributed Systems
  • Emergent Architecture
  • Devops
  • Quality Assurance
Itero Group What We Do


We have a deep affection for Scrum – the most popular Agile framework deployed in organizations across the globe. To work in a framework that guides you by experience is very powerful and something for which we have extensive experience. If it’s Scrum training you desire we are part of the partner training network and offer best-in-class classroom experiences from the ‘Home of Scrum’. We also walk the walk in the trenches and are building a legitimate Scrum Master army that can serve your organization in a multitude of ways.

Itero Group What We Do


We’d be remiss if we didn’t have a firm understanding of what it means to manage flow. Kanban is a great method that highlights bottlenecks in your organization and increases the flow of value to your customers. We can work with you to implement and improve the principles of Kanban and the accompanying metrics.

Itero Group What We Do


Simply put, you need to more quickly provide value to your customers. While simple in theory the complexity lays in the change that it takes to become laser focused on your customers. We know what it takes to start that change or boost your organizations evolution towards agility. Whether it be re-working the metrics that guide you, working with your leadership team, evaluating agile frameworks/methods, or advising your teams in the trenches we will bring our passion and experience to thrust you forward.

Itero Group What We Do


Let’s be honest, not every situation dictates the need for scaling Agile. When you find yourself in a situation where you are facing this challenge we bring a breadth of experience in scaling frameworks to arrive at a solution that works for your situation. We take a pragmatic approach knowing that every scaling problem is unique because of underlying technologies and organizational cultures.

Itero Group What We Do


Traditional software development methodologies require all aspects of a system to be thoroughly vetted prior to delivering a single feature. This often results in increased costs, development of potentially unused features, and wasted time and efforts. We advocate for the philosophy of Emergent Architecture: design and build only what is needed, when it is needed.

Itero Group What We Do


Business systems can face a number of issues due to tightly coupled, single tiered applications. Lengthened release cycles, testing efforts with a long duration, and crippling production bugs can be a symptom of these issues. Our team of experienced engineers can evaluate your needs and, if necessary, help you build service-oriented applications and Enterprise Service Bus solutions to meet your requirements – bringing your product to market quicker and with a higher degree of stability.

Itero Group What We Do


Bringing awareness to the impact systems have on an organization can be a challenge. DevOps, a series of specialized practices and philosophies that are essential to streamlining processes, accelerating team experimentation, and increasing feedback loops can help mitigate these challenges. We look forward to partnering with you to overcome your hurdles by establishing transparency and efficiency around your systems.

Itero Group What We Do


Quality does not happen by accident, so we make it an intentional and essential function of everyone’s role. We provide unbiased and comprehensive end-to-end test coverage to ensure your application is the best it can be: reliable, efficient, secure, and maintainable. Whether automating entire processes, identifying missed requirements, or executing regression tests, we have the know-how to quickly address issues and work as a team to meet your goals and keep your projects on-track.